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CPD seminars

Axter runs highly informative RIBA approved CPD seminars:

Seminars we offer: 1: Green Roofs:
Advantages and Principles of Design
  2: Roofs are Not Dead Space:
Install Photovoltaics to Generate Clean Electricity

Further information is given in the Axter CPD information sheet.

CPD seminar feedback

Previous attendees have said:

  • "Best CPD we've had in over 12 months, well put together and speaker was very knowledgable"
  • "Got a better understanding of green roof systems and how we overcome some specific design issues we had"
  • "Better understanding of current photovoltaic technologies and relevance to our schemes"

100% of respondents to a RIBA circulated feedback form found the presentation relevant, professional and clearly structured and say they would recommend our seminars to other architects.

CPD seminar booking form

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