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Extensive roof gardens

Extensive green roofs are primarily installed to give visual appeal, to reduce the environmental impact of the building, to create a habitat for flora and fauna and to enhance building performance. They are not usually installed for recreation purposes although extensive planting can be included in intensive schemes.

Extensive design

Extensive roof cutaway

Normally inaccessible but provide greater biodiversity than intensive roofs

Self-sustaining vegetation - succulents, mosses, herbs, grasses, wild flowers

Thin soil substrate, water retaining reservoir

Minimal maintenance

Flat or sloping roofs

Soils or substrates are usually of a low nutrient type thus suppressing the growth of invasive weed species and of minimal thickness. Plants are selected on their attributes for thriving in such conditions and planting styles are usually naturalistic with the object of establishing a self-sustaining plant community on the roof. Sedum and wildflower mats, pre grown trays or plug plants can all be incorporated into an extensive design. Recent developments have seen the creation of conditions similar to "brown field sites" as these are known to support a wide selection of plant, animal and invertebrate communities to the enhancement of city centre environment.

Roofs are harsh environments for plants and although Axter advises the use of reservoir boards, to conserve and control water, flow beneath the soil, the inclusion of a 'leaky pipe' in the design will help keep the plants alive in dry periods.
Axter offers a number of extensive green roof designs for installation on either a warm (ALPAFLORE) or inverted (WILOTEKT-PLUS) roof design:-

Hydropack cutaway image


A soil based substrate suitable for plug planting, plantlets, sedum and wildflower mats.

Download the Axter NBS HYDROSOIL specification.

Download the Axter HYDROSOIL information sheet.



Hydrosoil cutaway image


A lightweight soilless system ideal for large span roofs with sedum mats.

Download the Axter NBS HYDROLITE specification.

Download the Axter HYDROLITE information sheet.



Hydrolite cutaway image


Pre-grown trays providing instant greening.

Download the Axter NBS HYDROPACK specification.

Download the Axter HYDROPACK brochure.


Please consult Axter for advice on brown roof design.

Axter Hydropack
Installing Axter Hydropack
Axter green roof
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Axter Hydropack
Perforated aluminium retaining angle
Axter Hydropack extensive green roof
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