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Supporting deck Plywood/OSB
Application Two-layer waterproofing with insulation
System reference FORCE 3000 TRAFIC – Extensive green roof

Extensive green roof Plywood / OSB deck – Warm roof two layer waterproofing system with thermal insulation

Reinforced bitumen membranes should only be applied over a continuous substrate which provides full support. Substrate Materials used to form the roof deck in flat roofs should be those listed in BS 6229:2003 Flat roofs with continuously supported coverings – Code of practice and conform to the relevant requirements in BS 8217:2005

Reinforced bitumen membranes – Code of practice. Ensure roof deck is capable of withstanding the increased weight loading. The waterproofing system should conform to the requirements of British Standard 8747:2007 Reinforced Bitumen membranes (RBMs) for roofing – Guide to selection and specification and be installed in accordance with British Standard BS 8217:2005.

Supporting deck Plywood to BS EN 636 - 2 or 3 / OSB boards type 3 or 4 to BS EN 300:1997, designed in accordance with BS 6229:2003 and BS 8103 - 3
Deck preparation All square edges should be supported on joists or on additional noggins. Boards should be fixed using corrosion resistant ring shank nails or screws at 150 mm centres around perimeters of panels and 300 mm along the supports. All joints should be taped fixing tape on one side of the joint only.
Vapour control layer FORCE LINE 3 VV
Thermal insulation PIR rigid foamed boards
Waterproofing system Base layer THERMECRAN (perforated)
  Intermediate layer FORCE LINE 3 VV
  Cap sheet FORCE 3000 Trafic
Details FORCE 3000 Trafic
Finishes Extensive green roof: DRAINAX G water retaining reservoir plus growing medium, min 6 cm, and greening (sedum mat, plug plants, etc.) Ensure a water supply is available to bed in the greening and for maintenance purposes

Product substitution

  • FORCE LINE 3 VV can be replaced by HYRANGER 25/25 TS
  • FORCE 3000 Trafic can be replaced by FORCE 4000 Trafic

NBS specification

Please view the Axter NBS specification for further information.


All membrane products torch applied except THERMECRAN which is loose laid.

PIR rigid foamed boards laid in hot or cold applied bitumen or PUR adhesive.


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