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General Fix®

Lightweight, non-penetrating fastening system
for roofs with continuously supported coverings

General Fix®

GENERAL FIX®, developed to fasten both photovoltaic panels and thin film modules to roofs, can also be used to attach a wide range of roof top plant such as cable trays, pipe work, aerials, air conditioning units etc.

Suitable roof surfaces:  
  Reinforced bitumen membranes
  Single ply (PVC, TPO, EPDM...)
  Metal roofing

How it works

GENERAL FIX® applies the hook and loop fastening principle developed by VELCRO® combined with a range of durable bituminous or synthetic membranes manufactured by Axter design partners General Membrane®. This creates a composite material that can be securely bonded to new and existing waterproofing systems and to which various types of roof equipment can be attached.

Thin film amorphous pv modules can be fastened directly to the roof using this method, as shown on the video (see link below) but more conventional panels and other roof top equipment would be fastened by the use of aluminium profiles. Axter can offer a full range of accessories.


  • Approved for application on all roof types: bituminous, synthetic, liquid, metal
  • Requires no penetration of the waterproofing system
  • Secure (resists wind loads up to 30 kN/m2)
  • Lightweight <2kg/m2
  • Fast simple installation
  • Can be applied to existing as well as new constructions
  • Easy removal of plant to permit unrestricted roof maintenance in accordance with British Standard recommendations

Further information

For installation information, watch the Axter Solar PV/General Fix video.

General Fix brochure
Download the Axter General Fix brochure
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