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From its wide portfolio of products Axter has selected a popular range of robust waterproofing membranes which are available from a select group of independent roofing and builders merchants. These come with either a 15 or 20 year guarantee depending upon the chosen waterproofing system. Merchant staff have been trained in the application of Axter products but if you are looking for more information then please use the contact details below.

  • General roofing applictions
  • Single ply PVC-p
    Single ply PVC-p
  • Metal faced
    Metal faced
  • Refurbishment
  • Green roofing
    Green roofs
General roofing applications
  • FORCE LINE – An economical range of polyester reinforced elastomeric (SBS) bitumen membranes for application by torching. Easy to lay, FORCE LINE offers exceptional value for money and has become a favourite of the discerning quality conscious roofing contractor.
  • HYRANGER – A traditional range of reinforced elastomeric bitumen membranes for application by pouring and rolling in hot bitumen.
Single ply PVC-p roofing applications

Axter’s ECOLINE range of PVC-p single ply membranes are a proven and reliable solution for the weatherproofing of flat and low slope roofs. ECOLINE PVC-p membranes combine a select mix of polymer compounds that encapsulate a polyester reinforcement.

  • ECOLINE FM - Single ply synthetic membrane, 1.2 or 1.5 mm thick for mechanically fastened systems in two colours.
  • ECOLINE ADH - Single ply synthetic membrane, 1.2 or 1.5 mm thick with an exposed polyester under surface for full bonding with a solvent free adhesive in two colours.
Metal faced
  • ARMALU (aluminium-faced) cap sheet is available.
  • The newly introduced ALPAL 3000 S is the ideal product for sprucing up an existing membrane or asphalt low slope roof. It can be torched directly to a prepared existing granular finished surface without the need for stabilising primers.
Green roofs
  • ALPAFLORE – A specially designed range of polyester reinforced elastomeric bitumen membranes incorporating anti-root additives for application under both intensive and extensive green roofs.

For the full list of materials available see the product list.

See the details of roofing merchants selling selling these Axter materials.

A more comprehensive list of products is available in the architect zone.

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