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Quality Control is a continuous process, from receipt of raw materials through product design and manufacturing to despatch. Since 1996 Axter's manufacturing sites have been certified as conforming to international Quality Control Standards. For more than ten years Axter has held Quality Assurance certificates to the exacting ISO 9001:2008 standard for both its waterproofing membranes and rooflights. Modern computer controlled equipment ensures that product quality is maintained to a high standard.

Axter's waterproofing systems are CE marked in accordance with the relevant British Standard or European Technical Approval (ETA) confirming that they meet the requirements of National Building Codes or Regulations. Information on each product can be found on the relevant Technical Information Data Sheet in the Product List.

In addition Axter has Factory Mutual accreditation for a number of its more popular systems. Apply to Axter for more details.


Involvement by Axter personnel early on in a project's design process is the best guarantee of performance. Axter can advise not only on the most appropriate product and installation method but can make sure that the design of localised details, i.e. door thresholds, upstands, outlets, pipes etc. is appropriate.

BS 8747:2007 Reinforced bitumen membranes (RBMs) for roofing - Guide to selection and specification confirms that "polyester reinforced polymer modified bituminous membranes are expected to have a service life in excess of 50 years." Axter would expect most of its products to have a service life well in excess of 50 years and in an inverted situation such as WILOTEKT-PLUS there is no reason why it should not last for considerably longer.

When laid by Axtershield Installers Axter Ltd offers long-term comprehensive Latent Defect guarantees that include product performance, system design and installation.

Fire tests

BS 8747:2007 Reinforced bitumen membranes (RBMs) for roofing – Guide to selection and specification states - Clause 4.6.10 External fire performance "The current toughest regulatory requirement is for an AC rating, when tested according to BS 476 -3:10041 . In general, this is achieved by self-finished mineral or metal foil-faced membranes2". Furthermore under added protection Axter's products, such as WILOTEKT-PLUS, are "deemed to satisfy" to Approved Document B Fire Safety of the UK Building Regulations.

1 Broof (t4) to DD ENV 1187:2002
2 Axter's EXCEL HR S achieves an AA rating

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