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The need for SOLAR PV

With nearly half of the world's energy generated from non-renewable fossil fuels, the main cause of the increase in atmospheric CO2, the hunt is on to find renewable energy sources. Axter General Solar PV, a range of fully integrated reinforced bitumen membranes with solar cells embedded in the top surface, solves the problem by exploiting roofs, unused till now, to produce clean electrical energy.

Axter General Solar PV incorporates Uni-Solar thin film triple section amorphous silicon solar cells into the surface of the waterproof cap sheet. High energy output is obtained when compared to traditional poly or mono crystalline panels especially in low levels or indirect light conditions. Tests at a University in Italy show that for a similar kWp array installed amorphous thin film technology produces between 7 and 22% more energy than do crystalline panels.

SOLAR photovoltaic cells

The photovoltaic cells are very light (3.5 kgs/m²), shatterproof, hail resistant and being flexible are suitable for all roof shapes with no requirement for orientation, plinths, or ventilation.

Axter General Solar PV is a unique and integrated solution providing high quality waterproofing and the production of clean electrical energy in the same product. General Solar PV is approved under the BRE Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS PV0045), enabling building owners to claim their rebate under the UK government's feed-in tariffs.

Contact Axter today to find out how your room can help meet Britain's energy needs of the future as well as making money for your clients.

Still generating at least 80% in 25 years

Axter guarantees that General SOLAR PV will still be generating at
a minimum of 80% of its full efficiency 25 years after installation.

Further information

For technical datasheets see the SOLAR PV section on our product list page.

Solar PV brochure
Download the SOLAR PV brochure
Solar PV info sheet
Download the SOLAR PV information sheet

CPD seminar

Axter presents a popular and highly regarded RIBA approved CPD
seminar on Roofs are Not Dead Space: Install Photovoltaics to Generate Clean Electricity. Please contact us for further information.

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